On June 12, the New York City Independent Colleges Teacher Education Consortium, in partnership with Fordham University Graduate School of Education, hosted a regional meeting with education stakeholders including P-12 and district representatives, teacher educators, and members of the NYS Board of Regents. The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Generate collaborative and innovative thinking related to our collective aspirations for teacher education in the NYC region.
  • Further strengthening P-12 and district relationships with teacher education programs through developing ideas aimed at strengthening and diversifying the teacher pipeline, grounded in local needs.
  • Address NYSED’s invitation to deepen thinking that has begun to emerge in the field in response to proposed new teacher education regulations.

Over 20 organizations participated in this interactive, in-person meeting.

Special thank you to Fordham University for hosting the meeting.

New York City Independent Colleges Teacher Education Consortium
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