• Contributions to Our Communities

    From the arts and community services to economic development and the environment, partnerships formed between private colleges and their public municipalities are yielding visible results.

  • Economic Impact of Independent Colleges and Universities in New York State

    Higher education gives the Empire State an economic advantage. From the smallest liberal arts college to the largest university, our business is teaching and research.

  • CommencementMatter of Fact

    The Independent Sector leads degree completions in the state with a 68.9 six-year graduation rate.

    It has awarded 51% of bachelor’s, 72% of master’s, and 79% of doctoral and professional degrees earned in New York State.

  • 2016 Independent Sector Magazine

    Exploring the cultural, economic and social contributions of New York's 100+ private, not-for-profit colleges and universities.

    Another IS

    In this edition:

    • Going Above and Beyond
    • Meeting the Cybersecurity Demand 
    • Seeding the Advances of Tomorrow 
    • Accelerating New Business
    • Championing the Liberal Arts
    • News from the Independent Sector
    • Celebrating 60 Years

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