Direct Institutional (“Bundy”) Aid

The Direct Institutional “Bundy” Aid program provides funding directly to independent colleges based on degree productivity. Private, not-for-profit colleges and universities use the funds for student aid and to enhance the educational experience on their campuses. Bundy Aid has been a centerpiece of New York's compact with Independent Sector colleges and universities for 50 years. 


  • Campuses use Bundy Aid for student aid. With this funding, they are able to help students attend the college or university that best meets their needs and goals.

  • Eligible campuses earn Bundy Aid based on the number and type of degrees they confer. Campuses only receive funding once a student has graduated, so the program encourages campuses to focus on degree completion. 


2017-18: $35.13 million

2016-17: $35.13 million

2015-16: $35.13 million

2014-15: $35.13 million