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Campus Lights GalleryCampus Lights Gallery

Whether lighting a path or illuminating the entrance to a building, there is not a single campus within the Independent Sector lacking light. We expect to see lamp posts and lanterns on campus and we know they are there, but do we ever really stop to take notice? Some have lit the way for decades, while others are more modern and reflect the changing times.

Please visit our online gallery of lamps, lanterns and lights. (Flickr photo stream)


Campus Sculptures GalleryCampus Sculptures Gallery

Whether large or small, amongst city skyscrapers or nestled in rural communities, every one of New York State's colleges has its own story to tell. These stories are authored in no small part by each campuses' breathtaking artworks, particularly their sculptures and statues. From modern to classic, quaint to monumental, these pieces contribute to each campus's distinct identity.

You are invited to New York's Independent (private, not-for-profit) colleges and universities to see these sculptures.

Join us for a tour of these exquisite sculptures and the campuses they bring to life. (Flickr photo stream)


Campus Clock GalleryCampus Clock Gallery

Many campuses have unique, architecturally significant structural elements that provide a stunning visual display of time. From clocks on buildings to clock towers to stand alone clock poles, each provides a beautiful and functional way to help students, faculty, staff and visitors track time while on campus.

You are invited to New York's independent (private, not-for-profit) colleges and universities to see these clocks.

Join us for a tour of these beautiful and distinct pieces of functional art. (Flickr photo stream)


Stained Glass Window GalleryStained Glass Window Gallery

In buildings of every purpose, from physical education centers to sanctuaries, visitors to college campuses across New York State can pause to enjoy exquisite stained glass windows. Many were specifically commissioned when campuses constructed new buildings or alumni made special gifts. Others were preserved as former churches and personal residences, finding new life in classroom buildings and meeting spaces. The imagery in the windows varies from Biblical scenes to abstraction.

You are invited to New York's independent (private, not-for-profit) colleges and universities to see these windows.

Tour our campuses and enjoy these magnificent pieces of functional art. (Flickr photo stream)